Service With Pride Since 1951

What Is The Auxiliary Police?

The Nassau County Auxiliary Police Program is part of the Nassau County Police Department’s Community Safety Unit / Auxiliary Police Section. This volunteer program, originally part of Civil Defense, was created by federal law in the 1940’s to protect the residents of the United States during, before and after attack by enemy forces. In 1951 the New York State Defense Emergency Act further defined the use of civil defense forces (auxiliary police). Today, our main mission is to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency.

Who Are Auxiliary Police Officers?

Nassau County has many Auxiliary Police Officers, representing many towns, ages, and occupations. As we are composed entirely of volunteers, our members have a vast array of interest, hobbies, and professions. Our members are college students, retirees, lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, business owners, and many more.

Some of our members are preparing for a full-time law enforcement career. Some members served as full-time law enforcement officers in the past. Others are volunteers who enjoy serving their community and making a difference in the lives of Nassau County’s residents.

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